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We have over 20 years of experience in dealing within the agricultural industry. Because 85% of our business and many of our friends are in Wales, we decided to produce a range made specifically for their needs. We have subsequently found out the majority of the UK and Ireland suffer with similar deficiencies, making the range suitable for all.

All products contain the maximum levels of Cobalt, Selenium, Vitamin E & Vitamin B12 plus complimentary ingredients.


Dafydd Gwyndaf

Llechwedd Hafod Isaf farm
Penmachno, Betws-Y-Coed

County Chairman Farmers Union Of Wales (Caernarfonshire)

Chairman Welsh Sheep Dog Society - Branches in North, Mid and South Wales

“I have used Bryan for a number of years now and he knows a lot of farmers in this area. We met in Llanwrst about 10 years ago now. I used his Sheep & Cattle Drench pre tupping and pre lambing and had a better scanning and found the lambing period is better with the lambs coming together. I am very happy with it and now do all the young cattle when they go out and the cows after calving.”

John Hall

Inglewood Edge Farm, Cumbria.

Beltex Sheep Society President.

Renowned sheep and beef breeder, multiple award winner and respected judge.

“I use Bryans Sheep & Cattle drench and it works a treat. I’ve never had swayback since using it and I would say it does everything you require.

I also use his Ewe Energy to revive the ewes and I have found nothing to match that. It works above anything else I’ve used.”

Nicky Beynon

Bryn Ysgallog Farm, Gower, Swansea.

Record 8 Times Champion Shearer of Wales and renowned judge.

“I buy in a lot of stores over the winter in batches that come in some very poor condition. Some are very poor indeed that have been on poor grass and have had no drenches or anything. I’ve used lots of different vitamins and minerals, some very expensive, but I am very impressed with the Sheep & Cattle Drench from Welsh Farm Supplies. I would recommend it to anyone and I have. I was in the market the other day with some lambs I bought at 10 kilos and on the day they were 47 kilos. I was talking to some people who knew the estate they had come from. They said it’s a credit you have got them to that size and I told them they have only had feed and the Sheep & Cattle Drench from Welsh Farm Supplies.”

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