The benefit of our products over most of the market leading drenches is that they have a very long list of ingredients in them, the majority of which you do not actually need.

Our products are targeted with a higher level of ingredients of what you are deficient in.

Dosage rates are very small – from just 2-5ml for Sheep and just 5-15ml for Cattle so it is quicker, easier and cheaper to use.

Our products contain the maximum levels of the Core Ingredients (Cobalt, Selenium), Complimentary ingredients (Vitamin B12, Vitamin E) and Essential Vitamin A, B1, D3, Iodine, Zinc and Copper. The drenches come with and without Copper to tailor for the continental breeds which can retain Copper longer than the native breeds.

Prevent these signs of deficiency with our Sheep and Cattle Drench

Cobalt – Lack of appetite, weight loss, ill thrift, severe emaciation, weakness, anaemia, decreased fertility, low birth weights, decreased milk and wool production, impaired immune function, diarrhoea, weepy eyes, increased susceptibility to infection.

Selenium – White Muscle Disease, stiffness, discomfort, breathing difficulties, cell damage, ill thrift, lower conception rates, dystocia, reduced milk production, reduced semen quality.

Vitamin B12 – B12 has Cobalt in its chemical structure, Cobalt is converted into B12 this means a Cobalt deficiency is a Vitamin B12 deficiency, therefore the signs are the same.

Vitamin A – Growth retardation, retained placenta, bone malformation, degeneration of the reproductive organs, night blindness, eye discharge, ill thrift.

Vitamin B1 – Polio, night blindness, star gazing, isolation.

Vitamin D3 – Rickets, poor appetite, decreased growth.

Vitamin E – Similar signs to Selenium including – White Muscle Disease, retained placenta, cystic ovaries, mastitis, stillbirth, weak offspring, bovine respiratory disease.

Iodine – Enlarged thyroid gland (Goiter), impaired brain development in newborns, stillborns, hairless young, skin disorders, increased susceptibility to cold and stress, infertility, sterility, poor conception rates, low milk production, mortality.

Copper – Anaemia, uneven bone growth, cardiovascular disorders, poor fleece (steely wool), increased susceptibility to bacterial infections and disease, poor growth, scouring, infertility, swayback.

Zinc – Decreased immune system, poor health, alopecia, parakeratosis, where the skin becomes dry, scaly, thick and encrusted. The remaining hair becomes dull, thinner, disheveled, loose and can easily be pulled from the animal.

Abnormal hoof growth, stiff joints and lameness, excessive salivation and the animal will be depressed and look ill. A negative effect on reproductive capability, reduced interest in mating as well as abnormally small testicles. Very low sperm counts.