Sheep & Cattle Drench with Copper


Lamb doses starting at under 8p
Ewe doses starting at under 20p
Calf doses starting at under 20p
Cow doses starting at under 60p

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After a 2 year study into the nutritional products my customers were using in Wales, I decided to make a drench specifically for their needs.

I have subsequently found out that most areas in the UK and Ireland have similar deficiencies.

Most of the market leading drenches have a very long list of ingredients in them, the majority of which you do not actually need.

This product is targeted with a higher level of ingredients of what you are deficient in along with what compliments what you are deficient in.

Dosage rate are very small – from just 2ml – 5ml for sheep and just 5ml – 15ml for cattle so it is quicker, easier and cheaper to use.

Maximum levels of the core ingredients Cobalt, Selenium and complimentary ingredients Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E, essential ingredients Vitamin A, B1, D3, Iodine, Zinc and Copper – the drenches come with and without Copper to tailor for the continental breeds which can retain Copper longer than the native breeds.


Available with and without Copper @ 10,000mg.