New Unique Formulation – Lamb Colostrum Containing Diamond V

Farm Supplies Ltd and the branded product range Welsh Farm Supplies are delighted to announce we have teamed up with Diamond V XPC to deliver another forward thinking, innovative idea to the agricultural industry.

Welsh Farm Supplies – Lamb Colostrum

Combined with our proven results from our existing Lamb Colostrum blend, lambs will have the perfect start as we are the first to produce Lamb Colostrum containing the unique fermentation product Diamond V XPC.

Diamond V XPC is an all-natural nutritional product which actively supports immunity, gut health and productivity. Its unique metabolites work together to support robust digestive health by encouraging growth of the rumen bug population and optimising development of the rumen and intestinal structure (Finger-like papillae for nutrient absorption), vital for life-long feed efficiency.

Containing naturally occurring antioxidants, it helps support the development of a balanced immune system. By encouraging gut health from the first feed, you are helping set lambs up for good growth and performance through their lives.

This extremely easy to mix and palatable Lamb Colostrum is full of all the essential nutrients young lambs need in the first hours of life when the mother’s milk is not readily available. Welsh Farm Supplies Lamb Colostrum has been specifically designed to be as close to the real thing in texture, consistency and ingredients to maximise development of new born lambs.

Contains essential vitamins, minerals and probiotics. The product is also full of protein and energy which is crucial to help get the lamb up and suckling. This source helps support the lamb’s natural ability to fight hypothermia and disease.

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