Tom Adams has joined the team

We are absolutely delighted to announce Tom Adams has joined the team at Farm Supplies Ltd and the branded product range Welsh Farm Supplies.

Tom breeds Texels at Ty Medi Farm in Cowbridge with a dairy and beef herd and has had brilliant results with the range.

This adds to the local presence across Wales and the stock holding sites which have risen to over 20.

Tom can be reached on: 01792 209075 / 07702 183546

Call him for Sheep & Cattle Drench, Lamb Colostrum, Ewe Energy, Lamb Energy, Calf Colostrum or any other supply needs.

See the reviews at:

If you are near Brecon you can call:
Allan Stroud: 01792 209075 / 07736 251643

Or Nationally:

Bryan Hammatt: 01792 209075 / 07788 140848

More news to announce in the coming weeks………….